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Are you a business owner/entrepreneur?

Banca IFIS Impresa is the ideal solution to add value to your business because it is not limited to a simple loan/financing solution but it also puts at your disposal knowledge and skills to assist you in finding the best solution among factoring, medium-term financing, leasing and renting of equipment and vehicles.

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Are you eligible for Factoring?

The three basic requirements to qualify for financing by Banca IFIS Impresa!

  • 1
    Do you work with other companies and not single individuals?
  • 2
    Do you have continuous supply relationships with your business customers ?
  • 3
    Do you have trade receivables with your key customers and want to anticipate related credit?

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Are you an entreprise
with receivables due from the
Public Administration sector?

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IFIS Impresa is Banca IFIS’
online current account
dedicated to enterprises.

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TourPMI (SMETour) is one of Banca IFIS Impresa’s innovative projects, telling our story through the eyes of our most important people: our clients.

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  • Botteghe Digitali

    Botteghe Digitali


    Botteghe Digitali (Digital Boutiques) is the first web series on the future of Italian businesses and their digitalisation. The project was inspired by an idea from Stefano Micelli (of Cà Foscari University, Venice) and has been developed by Banca IFIS Impresa with the collaboration of Giorgio Soffiato (Marketing Arena).

    The aim is to advise and support four selected craft businesses as they ‘go digital’ and make the leap to becoming innovative businesses.

    The artisans were assisted by four coaches (Barbara Bonaventura, Laura Bortoloni and Nicola Zago) and a team of specialists. The process was documented in videos, projects and articles, before reaching the final ‘reality’. Follow all the stories at

  • New Craft Club

    Botteghe Digitali

    New Craft Club is a club focused on digitalisation, information and the presentation of high-quality companies that stand out as examples of ‘Made in Italy’.

    This growing project was presented at the Milan Triennale in 2016 and will take place in 2017, when the first travelling meetings will be held. The aim of the initiative is to provide the perfect environment in which businesses can come together and learn about specialist topics dictated by their needs and market developments. It will offer a real vantage point on emerging dynamics in the digitalisation of artisan businesses, with contributions from researchers, consultants and people on the ground.

    New Craft Club aims to create a community based on exchange and comparison of experiences and knowledge, at a time in history that is shaped by major transformation.

  • TourPMI

    Botteghe Digitali

    TourPMI (SMETour) is one of Banca IFIS Impresa’s innovative projects, telling our story through the eyes of our most important people: our clients.

    The aim of this journey is to document and provide a platform for getting to know some of Italy’s leading businesses.
    Each month, Banca IFIS Impresa selects businesses from across Italy and goes to meet their owners to make a short documentary about their story. It is a tour of the Italy that really works; that each day creates top quality products that represent our country to the world, adding value for local areas and local people.

    The initiative offers an unfiltered picture of Italian businesses and their relationships with Banca IFIS Impresa, through videos, photos and articles published on the bank’s website and social media channels.

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