Asset rental

Numerous advantages for your business with long-term rentals: preserve capital and existing credit lines, plan cash flow and grow buying power.


Capital goods rental

Our team are experts in rentals and have extensive European experience. Discover the solutions they have designed for freelancers, companies, businesses and artisans. By renting capital goods you can dramatically simplify your professional life.
Rental allows you the use the asset for a specified period of time, against payment of fees in instalments, avoiding obsolescence costs deriving from constant technological evolution.

Three advantages of capital goods rental
Renting capital goods such as medical equipment, computers, multifunction printers, plotters, photocopiers etc., offers numerous advantages compared to outright purchase: it preserves funds, enables better cash-flow planning and enables the user to stay up-to-date with technological developments.

Find out what you can rent:

  • IT and office equipment
    PCs, tablets, laptops, computers, servers, printers, multifunction copiers, plotters, and everything relating to office technology and IT.
  • Industrial machinery
    Machine tools and moulding presses, forklifts, measurement and monitoring instruments, packaging systems and many other capital goods for use in production.
  • Medical equipment
    Banca IFIS Impresa can offer rental of IT and medical imaging technology, as well as medical, electro-medical, dental, optical and diagnostics equipment in general.


The advantages of renting

It is easier to create value if you can use the most innovative technology – but that does not mean you have to own it. With our long-term rental of capital goods, you can use what you need while spreading payment of the service over easy and convenient instalments. In addition, you gain a series of benefits:

Manageable costs because you invest over time
Banca IFIS Impresa through IFIS Rental Services offers long-term rental of brand-new equipment, generally without any advance payments. This allows you to preserve capital and existing credit lines, plan cash flow and grow your buying power. Fixed payment amount for the duration of the rental. A simple solution with no surprises.

Always use cutting-edge equipment
Pure convenience: choose the asset you need for your business, we buy it and you take out a rental contract on cutting-edge equipment. This means you avoid any obsolescence problems due to the constant technological development, with the option to replace the asset at the end of the rental period.

Maximum flexibility and convenience
At the end of the rental contract you can choose to:

  • Take out a new contract and upgrade your existing technology;
  • Extend the duration of the rental at pre-agreed conditions;
  • Return the equipment;

Tax and administrative benefits
Payments are fully deductible, including for corporate tax (IRES) and local production tax (IRAP) purposes.