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Partnering with Banca IFIS Impresa multiplies your opportunities
Capital goods rental: the perfect solution, including for retailers and manufacturers

Having partners you can rely on is important, especially when it comes to business. Having acquired of GE Capital – which has over 25 years of experience and more than 2,000 relationships with manufacturers and retailers across Europe – Banca IFIS Impresa is the ideal partner to facilitate your business growth.

Our specialists have developed a rental solution for our partners that enables retailers and manufacturers to attract more customers and build lasting relationships. Place your trust in our expertise and you will gain:

  • the chance to receive payment for goods quickly and easily;
  • an alternative to credit lines for your customers;
  • more loyal customers;
  • cash flow optimisation.

When we talk about benefits for our partners, there are many good reasons for this… excellent reasons in fact:

  • Higher sales
    Rental makes cutting-edge technology accessible to a higher number of customers and increases the likelihood of sales.
  • Customer loyalty
    Helping your customers while also ensuring consistent flows of income.
  • No credit risks
    Banca IFIS Impresa pays in advance for all equipment rented by clients.
  • Speed and simplicity
    Thanks to our Automatic Credit Decision System,  rental applications and individual contracts can be completed in real time.

And your customers will thank you. Know why?

  • They can preserve their resources
    Long-term rentals without advance payments means your customers can preserves their funds. They can access ultra-modern equipment without having to pay out all the required capital immediately.
  • They increase their cash flow
    Regular payments spread over time enable accurate and efficient cash flow management.
  • They will always have cutting-edge technology
    Rental eliminates the downsides of ownership, giving your customers the flexibility to upgrade technology as required.


Are you considering a partnership with us?

A relationship manager will be your point of contact, while our local sales, risk management and services teams will be available to help you in 14 European countries, working closely with your customers to ensure that the proposed rental offers are suited to their individual needs.
As a manufacturer or retailer you can benefit from our rapid decision-making processes, easy procedures and the immediate availability of information and expertise in the local market.
Interested? Ask for information from our dedicated vendor relations unit.


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