Export Factoring

Are you an SME exporting goods or services abroad? Want to protect yourself against the risk of non-payment by your clients?


Export factoring is the right solution for you! You can transfer your receivables with a foreign client to us using our export factoring service. We then manage them and collect the amounts due, assuming the risk of your foreign client becoming insolvent (in the case of a non-recourse agreement).
By transferring the receivable to us, we can provide you with advance capital that you can access immediately.
In export factoring, the exporter transfers the receivable to us at Banca IFIS Impresa. We then manage its collection in two possible ways:
• Non-recourse
The exporter receives a percentage of the nominal value of each invoice from Banca IFIS Impresa, transferring to the bank any risk of non-payment by the foreign entity, as well as foreign exchange risks and responsibility for managing collection of the receivables.
• Recourse
The exporter transfers the foreign receivable to Banca IFIS Impresa, which manages the collection but does not protect the business against non-payment by the foreign client.


Through export factoring Banca IFIS Impresa can:

  • offer an advance on capital;
  • manage receivables for exporters;
  • assess the financial strength of your current and potential clients;
  • protect your export company against the possibility of your foreign clients becoming insolvent (in non-recourse arrangements).


Contact us and we will find the best solution to your requirements.

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