Factoring and the public administration

Are you a supplier of goods and services to the public administration?
Do you have receivables and suffer unsustainable payment delays?


Banca IFIS Impresa has the right solution for you!
Delayed payments by the Italian public administration have a serious impact on the liquidity of SMEs, preventing them from meeting their immediate obligations. Many businesses, even if they are robust and performing well, find themselves struggling and needing support to avoid problems that could affect their survival and future prospects.


Banca IFIS Impresa can support your work with the public administration through the following services:

  • liquidating your portfolio of trade and tax receivables with the public administration
  • assisting your company with the management and recovery of receivables with the public administration
  • providing fast liquidity as required, reducing the negative impact of late payments on company administration and management.

Contact us and we will find the best solution to your requirements.


Other solutions of support with receivables