Healthcare sector

Banca IFIS Impresa has created comprehensive rental solutions for the private health sector, to support companies and professionals who work in the increasingly complex healthcare environment.


The freedom of rental to develop your business
The long-term rental of electro-medical equipment not only offers you the necessary flexibility to preserve capital and protect your cash flow, it allows you to easily replace or update the instruments before they become obsolete. With a single monthly payment you can cover the costs of installation, operation and maintenance of the asset.
Our solutions are available for new or used equipment, medical and non-medical. Banca IFIS Impresa rental is specifically designed to improve the use of resources and can easily be adapted to meet the most diverse clinical and/or management requirements.

Even a simple upgrade helps your business
With a simple addition to your contract you can guarantee the ongoing clinical excellence of your equipment, avoiding full divestment and the need to purchase replacements. For example, ultrasounds are among the medical imaging devices with the fastest technical replacement cycle: simply by changing your payment amounts you can overcome obsolescence and ensure your patients get access to the latest technologies.