IT and office equipment

Are you are a business or freelancer?
By renting IT and office equipment you can gain many advantages at a convenient price!


If your work requires advanced technology, but you do not want to invest considerable amounts, you can rent a range of products with Banca IFIS Impresa: PCs, desktops, tablets, laptops, computers, servers, printers, multifunction printers, photocopiers and plotters. You also get a dedicated service and can enjoy many benefits:

  • Spread the expense with manageable fixed payments;
  • Avoid paying the entire amount for the investment;
  • Work with the most advanced and expensive technology;
  • Constant technological upgrades;
  • No minimum term;
  • Deduct payments for Italian corporate tax (IRES) and local production tax (IRAP) purposes.


A unique partnership for manufacturers and retailers
We earn your trust through a mutually beneficial partnership and by providing access to our vast experience. Innovative services, fast online decisions and exacting service are Banca IFIS Impresa’s keys to supporting manufacturers and retailers that want to develop their business and acquire and retain new customers.


Our Automatic Credit Decision System – for doing business in real time
A dynamic and automatic online platform available to manufacturers and retailers, working in real time but already a step ahead.
Change how you do business with online applications accessed directly from the point of sale.
Banca IFIS Impresa’s online tool follows an automatic decision-making process, sending responses in just a few seconds and allowing transactions to be concluded quickly
Our Automatic Credit Decision System is an online tool on an Extranet platform, allowing manufacturers and retailers to perform a wide range of activities independently and in real time, such as calculating payments. This speeds up the processing times of proposals by managing the entire cycle of financing requests, from submission to checks on application status and final outcome. Users can also access all information on customers, assets and contact information to conduct loyalty campaigns.
As your partner, the keywords of your business will be: independence and immediacy.
Discover our solutions for our partners right now!