We meet Arroweld Group, whose CEO Andrea Giometto said its relationship with Banca IFIS Impresa is simple, innovative and supportive.

The Arroweld Italia Group is an Italian company founded in 1976 and now the market-leading industrial distributor.

Specifically, Arroweld works with welding technology, professional tools, and measurement and control instruments. The business is based in the province of Vicenza and has revenues of 100 million Euro, with 350 employees, 1000 collaborators, 8 consolidated group companies, some 22 sites and branches, and about a hundred investees.

Over the years the group has successfully reinvented itself, becoming a multi-channel, multi-industry business, continually seeking to expand.

For Arroweld Italia, Banca IFIS Impresa was the ideal partner to solve issues related to managing clients with large turnovers, handing over their management to us in full.

Andrea Giometto, Group CEO, says Banca IFIS Impresa can be defined in three characteristics: “simplicity, innovation and support”.

The company’s next objective is to continue to grow through acquisitions, further expanding Arroweld Italia Group’s product range, markets and channels.