TourPMI visited Bari to meet telecoms business Sites. The owner told us about their relationship with Banca IFIS Impresa and the benefits of the factoring service.

Sites Srl is a family business founded in 1985, operating in the telecommunications sector.

The telephone and telecommunications sector has changed radically over the last 30 years; Sites has successfully evolved and innovated to stay up-to-date with technology and even be a pioneer in many areas.

Sites is now one of Italy’s leading suppliers of products and services for major telecoms companies. It also produces structures for lighting, renewable energy (wind and solar), structural metalwork, signage and advertising.

Gianni Amendola, son of founder Raffaele, believes that Banca IFIS Impresa is the ideal partner, not only for meeting the company’s daily requirements but also for giving it an extra boost that helps it reach customers, achieve goals and win orders that otherwise would have been impossible due to volatile liquidity.