TourPMI (SMETour) is one of Banca IFIS Impresa’s innovative projects, telling our story through the eyes of our most important people: our clients.

The aim of this journey is to document and provide a platform for getting to know some of Italy’s leading businesses.

Each month, Banca IFIS Impresa selects businesses from across Italy and goes to meet their owners to make a short documentary about their story. It is a tour of the Italy that really works; that each day creates top quality products that represent our country to the world, adding value for local areas and local people.

The initiative offers an unfiltered picture of Italian businesses and their relationships with Banca IFIS Impresa, through videos, photos and articles published on the bank’s website and social media channels.

Take a look at our first stories about Banca IFIS Impresa’s clients: Arroweld Italia (Vicenza) and Sites Srl (Bari).