Vehicle leasing

Banca IFIS Impresa vehicle leasing is for small, medium or large companies, business owners, professionals and the self-employed. It is available for different types of vehicles, both new and recently used from dealerships, including both passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Since the acquisition of GE Capital, which has over 35 years’ experience in finance leasing of cars and commercial vehicles and over 30,000 clients, Banca IFIS Impresa has become a leading player on the leasing market, active throughout Italy thanks to our specialist agents who are eager to meet your requirements.


  • Complete and customisable range
    With Banca IFIS Impresa leasing, you can choose the solution that best meets your needs – without any compromises.
  • Fast and reliable processes
    The experience of our sales force and straightforward, efficient processes ensure you get immediate answers.
  • Support and advice guaranteed
    You will have access to an advisor throughout your contract via the Banca IFIS Impresa client hotline.
  • Tailored tax benefits
    Deductibility of the lease payments and deductible VAT, to different extents depending on the use of the vehicle and the type of asset.


Company car leases

Do you want to finance your vehicle without using up capital?
With Banca IFIS Impresa you can choose from a number of flexible and innovative solutions.

  1. Traditional Leasing
    Simple structure with a term of up to 72 months and monthly payments, ideal for businesses and freelancers who want to minimise the final buyout payment.
    With this option:

    • Buyout your vehicle with the lowest final payment;
    • Customise payment amounts by changing the term;
    • You can choose to add all insurance offers from our leasing range.
  2. High-Buyout Lease
    The solution to save on monthly payments, increasing the amount of the vehicle buyout payment.
    With this option:

    • You can have reduced monthly payments;
    • At the end of the contract you can buyout the vehicle by paying the remaining amount in a single lump sum;
    • You can add all insurance offers from our leasing range.
  3. Agevolease Lease
    The formula that allows you to make your own decisions freely, deciding during the life of the contract whether to exercise the early buyout option.
    With this option:

    • You have the flexibility to choose whether to buyout the vehicle at predetermined interim deadlines, knowing the buyout amounts from the beginning, or continue to the end of the contract;
    • You can customise the amount of the payments by changing the term;
    • You can choose to add all insurance offers from our leasing range.

Insurance products

Protect your vehicle and your lease with Banca IFIS ImpresaWe have created a complete range of insurance solutions to meet your every need. With us you can choose the insurance coverage you want, building your personal insurance package.
Want a product for your own safety or your vehicle’s protection?
Discover all our offers.

Protect your loan: Lease&life
Protect the repayment of your loan from unforeseeable events.
For a low cost, included in leasing fees and with no additional interest, you can protect yourself and your family from unexpected events.
In the event of a claim, you will enjoy the benefits of a dedicated service that will speed up the process at no extra cost.
Want to view the Lease&life information brochure? Download here (Italian document).

Protect your vehicle: Lease&GO
Protect your vehicle from accidental damage caused by unforeseen events with this options:

  • Add a wide range of insurance coverage options to standard Fire and Theft coverage: windscreens, vandalism, natural disasters, assistance, and even all-risks insurance;
  • For a low cost included in your contractual monthly payment, your car will be protected from any unexpected event.

Want to view the Lease&GO information brochure? Download here (Italian document).

For the security of full coverage that pays out the value of the vehicle as if it were new. With this option:

  • You are protected if your leased vehicle is stolen or completely destroyed;
  • You can combine it with a Fire and Theft policy from any company, although the ideal complement is Banca IFIS Impresa’s Lease&GO coverage.

Want to view the Gap information brochure? Download here (Italian document).

VIASAT satellite anti-theft system: travel safely, saving on insurance, and with many services for the protection of your vehicle.
With this option:

  • You can check the position of your vehicle at any time thanks to the always-on GPS system;
  • You can get a reduction in the cost of your existing Lease&Go insurance coverage with us;
  • You can spread the cost of the anti-theft system and service fee across your lease contract.