Want to work with us? Partners and channels

With Banca IFIS Impresa, you’ll always find the right contact for you

Thanks to our extensive distribution network, you can get in touch with us through various channels at any time. And if you want to apply for finance leasing while you’re choosing the asset, we have agreements with accredited suppliers.

Find out how we help you through:

  • Our financial agents
    You have access to a select network of agencies across Italy, to help and guide you to your ideal solution.
  • The Banks
    We have signed important partnership agreements so we can work closely with you via your bank.
  • Accredited suppliers
    To give you the chance to use reliable suppliers, we have signed a number of agreements with major producers and distributors.


We are present across Italy both directly and through our partners’ networks

Want to become our partner?

We have developed a precise and specifically designed procedure for effective partnership management.
Our Automatic Credit Decision System is an online tool on an Extranet platform, allowing manufacturers and retailers to perform a wide range of activities independently and in real time, such as calculating payments. This speeds up application processing times by managing the entire cycle of financing requests, from submission to checks on application status and final outcome. Users can also access all information on customers, assets and contact information to conduct loyalty campaigns.
This cutting-edge system can facilitate and support your business.


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